Liposonix Treatment – Does it Work?


Liposonix is a unique technique that differs from other methods practiced in institutes or medical practices by the very high power of ultrasound emitted. Liposonix eliminates primarily the small fat deposits on the stomach, hips and buttock. It’s different from liposuction; certainly less invasive, but equally effective. You can lose 1 dress size in a single treatment. This is for real.

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Liposonix uses a high intensity ultrasonic system (Frequency from 2MHz up to 2000W / cm maximum).

Marking grid

The doctor delimits the area to be treated according to the thickness of the greasy tissue and then identifies the sites to be treated using a marking grid.


The transducer is powered by ultrasound generator. Since this is an ultrasound fat reduction method, It will deliver the ultrasound energy through the skin surface with high intensity. Liposonix targets cells storing fat and permanently destroys them at the treated area without affecting the tissues above and below the lesion. Unlike liposuction, there will be no downtime and side effects. It’s in my opinion the best alternative for liposuction; the safest non invasive fat removal procedure available in Singapore right now.

Each passage of Liposonix destroys 1 cm of fat in height and 5 to 6 cm in thickness. We do 2 or 3 passages depending on the case. The patient may experience tingling and a heat effect due to the intensity of the ultrasound. The session may in some cases be unpleasant.

The physician decides the number of treatment of Liposonix according to the thickness of the local fat mass. Once adipocytes are destroyed, free fatty acids and cellular debris are eliminated by the metabolic system via natural pathways.

Number of sessions

1 session of 45 minutes duration. The Edema for 2 to 3 days and bruising for 1 week. The patient experiences discomfort for 1 to 2 days.


The patient sees an improvement 1 week after the session. The results are then more visible in 3 months, the time that the body’s natural elimination evacuates the debris of the fat cells. The patient loses on average 5 cm in size and even up to 12 cm if the 3 passages of Liposonix are made at different depths.

Before / After Photos

muffin top



CoolSculpting – Fat-Freezing Method To Lose Weight Instantly

What is CoolSculpting?
Can I expect good results?

CoolSculpting ™ by Zeltiq ™ can reduce the fat is sucked into the applicator during treatment, with between 20% and 40%. Scientific studies and reviews have shown an average reduction of about 23%. If the patient wants more
than one treatment to eliminate more fat in the same area, carried out the second reading two to four months after the first treatment, according to the finisher’s  advice. The final results may vary depending on the patient. CoolSculpting is primarily a way to shape the body just as you want it, without those pesky fat deposits.

How is the treatment?
The patient and the clinician selects the area or areas to be treated. For example, to reduce a “pregnant belly” will clinician to place one or more nozzles that fit on just your belly. It is very important to use the correct nozzles: CoolSculpting offers a variety of nozzles for optimal results.
With the help of vacuum then sucked the fat layer into the nozzle and two cooling plates activated.

How does it feel?
Some discomfort may be felt when the vacuum is started and the fat is sucked into the nozzle.
The cooling panels cools the tissue and during the first few minutes the patient feels a cooling sensation.
The patient sits comfortably during the procedure which takes an hour in the machine for each area to be treated. Research has shown that it takes an hour of treatment to achieve optimal results, and the system itself says when treatment is over.

Can you do normal activities after treatment?
Absolutely. A treatment with zeltiq coolsculpting is completely non-surgical and the patient can return to normal activities such as work, training, etc. directly after the treatment.
The patient may experience redness, tingling, numbness or soreness in the treated area for some time after treatment, but this is temporary and disappear within one or two weeks.

When will the patient see results?
Patients may begin to see changes as quickly as two to three weeks after his treatment, but the final result turns out for 2-4 months.
Are the results really permanent?
The fat cells are eliminated during treatment. As long as the patient maintains its overall weight for the treatment permanent results.

 Why is Zeltiq Coolsculpting better than other treatments for fat?

  • The fat cells die, which provides permanent results compared to most other methods that only empties fat cells. It is a completely natural process (Apoptosis, or programmed cell death), which started in the cooling process.
  • CoolSculpting is thus a completely safe and natural way to permanently dispose of the fat cells, unlike other methods that heats or “turn down” fat cells with different techniques.
  • CoolSculpting involves no greater pain and absolutely no convalescence. You can do the treatment on your lunch break and go back to work immediately afterwards.
  • The results start to show after only two to three weeks and does not require that you change your diet or be forced to change your way of life.
  • On, a user site for people who have undergone cosmetic treatments, CoolSculpting ranks as equally affordable as laser liposuction and breast implants! This procedure gets a lot of rave reviews by patients all around the world.
  • Zeltiq coolsculpting is a result of a decade of research by the world renowned scientists Dr. Rox Anderson and Dr. Mann Dieter Stein. Some twenty scientific papers have examined all aspects of the treatment, from basic security to the effectiveness of the treatment.

How much does it cost?
The price varies depending on how large an area to be treated and how many applicators needed.
A small area can be treated from 2000 SGD. Treatment of, for example, inside thighs or love handles (with an applicator on each side) costs 4000 SGD for both sides.

A double chin is treated with Cool Mini, a specially designed applicator, and costs 3500 SGD for a first reading.
In the treatment of multiple areas, we discount. During the consultation, the customer receives an individual price and treatment suggestions.

Clinically proven results
CoolSculpting is patented, FDA-approved and proven, and over 200,000 treatments have been performed worldwide.
Studies show that, on average, reduce the thickness of your fat stores by 20% to 25% after a single treatment, and the treatments can naturally be repeated. Here you can find several clinical research studies examining everything from the method’s safety to efficiency.

The following before and after pictures are all taken two months after the CoolSculpting treatment. In some cases, two treatments carried out.

before-after result testimonial

Patients Share Their CoolSculpting Experience

Hear from a few CoolSculpting patients about what CoolSculpting has done for their confidence.


Trineta you are a hater take your snotty attitude out of here. This is for supportive people looking for an honest review, not snide comments. Do you offer anything useful? Smart people care about others!

I am actually looking forward to do the coolsculpting now (: what is your diet and exercise like after the treatment? (: I am thinking about changing what I eat for dinner and exercising more now.. How does one keep the fats off? Please get back to me! hope to hear back from you soon!

It’s definitely worth it. Imagine if you did both sessions. I would go for it. Will do this soon and vlog about it. Hate that you were in so much pain though 🙁 I have friend who’ve done lipo sculpture and paid so much more and had drainage and scars and bruising which really sucked for them. Glad they discovered something less extreme. Thanks for the reviews

Im glad you loose that fat after so much pain and money. It could have been worse. I wnat to try it.

Coolsculpting by Zeltiq-Review 3: results w/ before/after pics

This is my final review on Coolsculpting with pre/post pics. Please note that I did increase my exercise this year from the year prior.

Glad coolSculpting worked out well for you. Good job!

I want to get it done BUT I was told by a friend of a friend that lumps began to grow

So do you have any lumps after this long time

hi im thinking about gettin it done ..u look great!! im just wondering how much did it all all costs in the end

I just got mine done 3 days ago and still in so much pain I have the same numbness and tingling as you and don’t want to move too much because it’s painful.!! Been wearing sweats and stomach wraps feel so weird still.

I just had it done about an hr ago .. Was there for 4 hours & it was very uncomfortable for sure .. Especially the upper abdomen area .. .. I must say u look great though .. I can’t wait to see my results

it really did a great job. you should have listened to the doctor and went ahead with the 2 treatments. Give the devil his due. that one treatment did wonders for you that no amount of exercise could have done so quickly, believe that. Anything worth having is painful, lol, aka childbirth.

Thank you for sharing your experience with CS; I found it very helpful. Like you, I only did a first treatment because it is expensive. For me, however, I did not have ANY pain, scarring, numbness, or any sort of discomfort. The only discomfort I felt was when the suction instrument was first attached to my skin. All I experienced was a tight “squishing”, but not painful, for about five minutes on each side (had love handles done) and that was it. Had ok results on right side and not so good results on left side. Because I have scoliosis, my left side is shorter, so I am “crooked”. This is the reason why the left side did not do as well as the right. At my follow-up, I was advised one more treatment on left should zap it. Not everyone will have the same experience with CS. Overall, I would say it is worth it. PS: your results look great.

You look good. Too bad you didn’t have the second treatment done. How expensive is this procedure?


Thermage is the only non-invasive procedure that helps tighten and contour your skin in a single treatment with no surgery, no injections, and little to no downtime.
it uses unique radiofrequency (RF) technology to safely heat the deep layers of your skin, while cooling the surface of your skin to keep it intact during the procedure. This deep heating stimulates your bodys natural skin renewal process, which helps tighten existing collagen and form new collagen. Over time, sagging or wrinkled skin is replaced with smoother, tighter skin; improved tone and texture; and an overall younger looking appearance. The collagen in your dermis and subcutaneous tissue is a protein that keeps your skin youthful and tight. But as you age and get more sun exposure, that collagen simply breaks down faster than your body can rebuild it, and your skin may start to sag or wrinkle.

How To Lose Thigh Fat Fast in a Week With 5 Foods and Food Plan

How To Lose Thigh Fat Fast in a Week With 5 Foods and Food Plan

How To Lose Thigh Fat Fast. it Possible. Are you the type of person that would love to hang out on the beach but you are so embarrass about the way you look? The fact is there are millions of people all over the world that are overweight today and people tend to judge you by your appearance. Thigh fat especially can be unsightly. If you feel that your thighs are just too fatty, there is hope! If you continue to see the rest of this video you will discover some amazing tips to burn fat and tone up your thighs so you can have an amazing body that you will be proud of.

In This Video You will learn about How To Lose Thigh Fat Fast With 5 Foods and Food Plan

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Sarah Pohlman, sister of Chantelle Ellem from Fat Mum Slim, recently attended The Facial Rejuvenation Clinic to find a solution for tightening the skin on her face. She has decided to begin treatment with Thermage. Only one treatment is required and the full effects can be seen within 6 months. Stay tuned to see the results Sarah achieves.

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? How To Lose Thigh Fat Fast ? | 4 Amazing Exercises To Lose Thigh Fat For Thinner Legs!

How To Get Thinner Thighs –

? How To Lose Thigh Fat Fast ? | 4 Amazing Exercises To Lose Thigh Fat For Thinner Legs!

If you’re trying to lose thigh fat then you will love the workout routine.

This intense routine was designed to lose thigh fat from the inner and outer areas.

It’s a semi-HIIT workout that will test your thighs to the limit. To perform this thigh fat workout for women you will need a towel
or a pice of cloth.

This isn’t your usual jumping up and down thigh fat workout, this will target the inner and outer thigh areas for maximum results.

Before doing this routine make sure that you’re properly hydrated as you want to maximize the performance.

You can even combine this thigh fat workout with any type of cardio or HIIT for even better results.

So grab a towel or piece of cloth and start doing these powerful thigh fat exercises!