Coolsculpting by Zeltiq-Review 3: results w/ before/after pics

This is my final review on Coolsculpting with pre/post pics. Please note that I did increase my exercise this year from the year prior.

Glad coolSculpting worked out well for you. Good job!

I want to get it done BUT I was told by a friend of a friend that lumps began to grow

So do you have any lumps after this long time

hi im thinking about gettin it done ..u look great!! im just wondering how much did it all all costs in the end

I just got mine done 3 days ago and still in so much pain I have the same numbness and tingling as you and don’t want to move too much because it’s painful.!! Been wearing sweats and stomach wraps feel so weird still.

I just had it done about an hr ago .. Was there for 4 hours & it was very uncomfortable for sure .. Especially the upper abdomen area .. .. I must say u look great though .. I can’t wait to see my results

it really did a great job. you should have listened to the doctor and went ahead with the 2 treatments. Give the devil his due. that one treatment did wonders for you that no amount of exercise could have done so quickly, believe that. Anything worth having is painful, lol, aka childbirth.

Thank you for sharing your experience with CS; I found it very helpful. Like you, I only did a first treatment because it is expensive. For me, however, I did not have ANY pain, scarring, numbness, or any sort of discomfort. The only discomfort I felt was when the suction instrument was first attached to my skin. All I experienced was a tight “squishing”, but not painful, for about five minutes on each side (had love handles done) and that was it. Had ok results on right side and not so good results on left side. Because I have scoliosis, my left side is shorter, so I am “crooked”. This is the reason why the left side did not do as well as the right. At my follow-up, I was advised one more treatment on left should zap it. Not everyone will have the same experience with CS. Overall, I would say it is worth it. PS: your results look great.

You look good. Too bad you didn’t have the second treatment done. How expensive is this procedure?

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