CoolSculpting – Fat-Freezing Method To Lose Weight Instantly

What is CoolSculpting?
Can I expect good results?

CoolSculpting ™ by Zeltiq ™ can reduce the fat is sucked into the applicator during treatment, with between 20% and 40%. Scientific studies and reviews have shown an average reduction of about 23%. If the patient wants more
than one treatment to eliminate more fat in the same area, carried out the second reading two to four months after the first treatment, according to the finisher’s  advice. The final results may vary depending on the patient. CoolSculpting is primarily a way to shape the body just as you want it, without those pesky fat deposits.

How is the treatment?
The patient and the clinician selects the area or areas to be treated. For example, to reduce a “pregnant belly” will clinician to place one or more nozzles that fit on just your belly. It is very important to use the correct nozzles: CoolSculpting offers a variety of nozzles for optimal results.
With the help of vacuum then sucked the fat layer into the nozzle and two cooling plates activated.

How does it feel?
Some discomfort may be felt when the vacuum is started and the fat is sucked into the nozzle.
The cooling panels cools the tissue and during the first few minutes the patient feels a cooling sensation.
The patient sits comfortably during the procedure which takes an hour in the machine for each area to be treated. Research has shown that it takes an hour of treatment to achieve optimal results, and the system itself says when treatment is over.

Can you do normal activities after treatment?
Absolutely. A treatment with zeltiq coolsculpting is completely non-surgical and the patient can return to normal activities such as work, training, etc. directly after the treatment.
The patient may experience redness, tingling, numbness or soreness in the treated area for some time after treatment, but this is temporary and disappear within one or two weeks.

When will the patient see results?
Patients may begin to see changes as quickly as two to three weeks after his treatment, but the final result turns out for 2-4 months.
Are the results really permanent?
The fat cells are eliminated during treatment. As long as the patient maintains its overall weight for the treatment permanent results.

 Why is Zeltiq Coolsculpting better than other treatments for fat?

  • The fat cells die, which provides permanent results compared to most other methods that only empties fat cells. It is a completely natural process (Apoptosis, or programmed cell death), which started in the cooling process.
  • CoolSculpting is thus a completely safe and natural way to permanently dispose of the fat cells, unlike other methods that heats or “turn down” fat cells with different techniques.
  • CoolSculpting involves no greater pain and absolutely no convalescence. You can do the treatment on your lunch break and go back to work immediately afterwards.
  • The results start to show after only two to three weeks and does not require that you change your diet or be forced to change your way of life.
  • On, a user site for people who have undergone cosmetic treatments, CoolSculpting ranks as equally affordable as laser liposuction and breast implants! This procedure gets a lot of rave reviews by patients all around the world.
  • Zeltiq coolsculpting is a result of a decade of research by the world renowned scientists Dr. Rox Anderson and Dr. Mann Dieter Stein. Some twenty scientific papers have examined all aspects of the treatment, from basic security to the effectiveness of the treatment.

How much does it cost?
The price varies depending on how large an area to be treated and how many applicators needed.
A small area can be treated from 2000 SGD. Treatment of, for example, inside thighs or love handles (with an applicator on each side) costs 4000 SGD for both sides.

A double chin is treated with Cool Mini, a specially designed applicator, and costs 3500 SGD for a first reading.
In the treatment of multiple areas, we discount. During the consultation, the customer receives an individual price and treatment suggestions.

Clinically proven results
CoolSculpting is patented, FDA-approved and proven, and over 200,000 treatments have been performed worldwide.
Studies show that, on average, reduce the thickness of your fat stores by 20% to 25% after a single treatment, and the treatments can naturally be repeated. Here you can find several clinical research studies examining everything from the method’s safety to efficiency.

The following before and after pictures are all taken two months after the CoolSculpting treatment. In some cases, two treatments carried out.

before-after result testimonial

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