Patients Share Their CoolSculpting Experience

Hear from a few CoolSculpting patients about what CoolSculpting has done for their confidence.


Trineta you are a hater take your snotty attitude out of here. This is for supportive people looking for an honest review, not snide comments. Do you offer anything useful? Smart people care about others!

I am actually looking forward to do the coolsculpting now (: what is your diet and exercise like after the treatment? (: I am thinking about changing what I eat for dinner and exercising more now.. How does one keep the fats off? Please get back to me! hope to hear back from you soon!

It’s definitely worth it. Imagine if you did both sessions. I would go for it. Will do this soon and vlog about it. Hate that you were in so much pain though 🙁 I have friend who’ve done lipo sculpture and paid so much more and had drainage and scars and bruising which really sucked for them. Glad they discovered something less extreme. Thanks for the reviews

Im glad you loose that fat after so much pain and money. It could have been worse. I wnat to try it.

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